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-Favorite Online Aholes
"Think before you hit "send""
-Farewell, Dieci
"Buh Bye Bimota..."
-Ugly Betties (The World's Homliest Motorcycles) "My eyes, my eyes!...." (10/08)
-Throwing Them in the Deep End by Mark Gardiner. Exploit your teenager at triple digit speeds!
-The Art of the Crash "X Ray Eyes"

-Ask Guzzi Earl Bad Advice Column...Cross Posted from Guzzitech
-Cycle World Open Editor Position Contest "No Thanks."
-Customitis "Nice Chopper, Cleetus."
-The Economic, Social and Aesthetic Appeal of the $1000 Motorcycle
"Gentlemen Prefer Piles"
-The $600 Bike that Won at Daytona
"From the Junk Heap to Victory Circle"
-A Field Guide to Internet Wackos
(The Quota Story) from Motorcyclist Magazine, April 2008
-Quota Ebay Ad
"You sure can attrach a lot of internet motorcyle wackos with a measley $2 ebay ad..."
-Quota Ebay Ad II
"The Quota Strikes Back"
-Italian for Beginners "An oldie."
-Ask the Surly Mechanic PBR Powered Advice Column

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"Retarded Things I did to Save Money During an Engine Rebuild"
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"Whine your Way to Victory". Club Racing Strategies that Work!

"My Favorite Motorcycle Discussion Board Tirades".

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